THOR | Ref: 2602-0234

Thor Enemy Kinder Tear Offs 10 Pc

_Thor Enemy Kinder Tear Offs 10 Pc | 2602-0234 | Greenland MX_

THOR | Ref: 2602-0234

Thor Enemy Kinder Tear Offs 10 Pc

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Technische Details
These Tear-offs for Thor goggles are suitable for use with the models Hero and Enemy. Thor Bomber tear-offs are mounted outside the roll-off system. When you're seconds away from pushing through the finish line there is no time to fiddle about cleaning your goggles. With tear offs you can instantly clear your vision with a quick pull. The tabs are designed for easy grabbing, and practical layering keeps dirt from getting the unused tear offs mucky. - Quick, easy loading and lightening-fast deployment. - Layering technology to keep unused sheets clean. Laminated or not? A laminated tear off stack will prevent dirt from getting between layers while virtually eliminating the distortion of optical refraction. Laminated tear off often come in stacks of seven layers where as a laminated tear off will allow you to mount multiple stacks.
Marken Thor
Geschlecht Kind
Modalität Cross/Enduro

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