ELF | Ref: 195801

ELF Vent Vert Öl 10W 50 1 Liter

_ELF Vent Vert Öl 10W 50 1 Liter | 195801 | Greenland MX_


ELF | Ref: 195801

ELF Vent Vert Öl 10W 50 1 Liter

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Technische Details
This product is the latest-generation synthetic technology engine oil that guarantees the best levels of performance. Since 2007 ELF VENT VERT 10W-50 lubricant is a must have for all Kawasaki owners in Japan. Boosted by ELF formulation technology and with an exclusive Lime Green color, it is recommended for all Kawasaki 4 stroke engines. In the city, on the road or on the track ELF VENT VERT 10W-50 will bring outstanding performance and protection to your engine. This product will provide to your motorcycle : - Gearbox protection. - Clutch protection. - Engine protection. - High anti-wear performance in very severe conditions. ELF VENT VERT 10W-50 exceeds the requirements of JASO MA2 specifications, API SL level.
Marken Elf
Modalität Alle
Kompatibilität Universal

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