TUBLISS | Ref: TU 19

Tubliss Core GEN 2.0 19

  • _Tubliss Core GEN 2.0 19 | TU 19 | Greenland MX_
  • _Tubliss Core GEN 2.0 19 | TU 19 | Greenland MX_
  • _Tubliss Core GEN 2.0 19 | TU 19 | Greenland MX_

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TUBLISS | Ref: TU 19

Tubliss Core GEN 2.0 19

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Technische Details
Tired of pinched tubes and failed plugs? Pick up Nuetechs Tubliss Gen 2 Tire System and start running your bike with consistency, simplicity, and no tubes. Heres how. The Tubliss System works by replacing your conventional inner tube with a smaller, higher pressure insert that hugs the inside of your rim. This creates two separate pressure areas inside your tire. One area inside the high pressure insert. And another lower-pressure area that fills the rest of your tire where your old tube used to be. Inflate the high-pressure insert and it locks the bead in place to form an airtight seal that also protects the rim from impact. With the high-pressure insert filled, the lower-pressure area can be inflated like a traditional tubeless tire you find on a car. It may not seem like a significant change, but with the Tubliss Tire System installed there are no tubes to pinch, plug kits are a more viable repair option, and since your bead is locked down you can run lower tire pressure without the bead rolling off. It may sound too good to be true but the results dont lie. Upgrade your tires with incredible performance and unheard of versatility when you pick up the Tubliss Gen 2 Tire System from Nuetech. SPECIFICATIONS: - High-pressure tube acts as a bumper to protect rim from impact. - Inner tube support sidewall better for less folding over. - Tubliss locks the tire bead 360° around the rim to act as a full circumference rim lock. - Saves up to one pound of weight over stock tubed design. - Less unsprung weight in tires can help handling and acceleration. - Entirely eliminates pinch flats. - Integrated rim lock near inner chamber valve. - Repair tire with a simple plug kit. - Tubliss allows you to run a wider range of pressures. - Tire temperature is greatly reduced, creating consistent pressures.
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